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With Two’s nice and gentle personality, it attracted many producers from both TV dramas and stage plays.

The charming artist had been offered a role from a stage play, to various roles such as in a sitcom, a TV drama. However, music is still his first priority and his one and only main goal in life, proving he is a real music man himself.

At the end of 2012, He released the first single, 'Pood Tam Mai' from his second studio album 'Music From Another Room'.
This album was crafted from all the inspirations he had received from years of experience of working in the studio and his passion through music.

Two still has a lot more potential as a musician to express. Not only as a singer, a composer and a producer, but also a man behind the idea of making his music video and his album jacket etc.
He pleases all his fans to see him in all colors and dimensions as much as possible.